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Bod​y Creams and Scrubs for 

Naturally Beautiful Skin

Organic Beauty Products

Give your skin the nourishment it deserves with natural body creams and scrubs from Body by Anca. I provide non-toxic cosmetics free from any preservatives and additives. I combine traditional medicine with alternative and holistic medicine to get the best results.
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coffee scrub 


My products

  • Body scrubs: most of my body scrubs are salt scrubs ,I am developing now some bran scrubs and some charcoal ones.  I am using Sea salt ,Epson salt and Dead sea salt because I like the  way how different types of salt are interacting with the skin and the way salt is mixing with the oils and butters I am using for the base of my scrubs. 

  • I am stating now to get  coffee scrubs ,I like the consistency of coffee and also i love the properties of coffee and also i love the smell.

  • Body butters: My body butters are all organic, light and moisturizing, there is no need to use a lot so that they will last for a while. I  have different fragrances for different tastes: Bergamot , Patchouli , Sweet Orange ,Mint (my favorite) ,Ylang Ylang ,Lavender

  • Face scrubs: Apricot kernel scrub, walnut shell scrub ,salt apple vinegar scrub ,coffee scrub

  • Face creams: coming soon.....

Prices :

2 ounces glass jar  body scrub-10 $

2 ounces glass jar body butter-10$

4 ounces glass jar body scrub-15 $

4 ounces glass jarbody butter-15$

1 ounce glass jar face scrub-10 $


Customer Reviews 

Anca’s creams and scrubs are the only products I trust for my skin. The scent is amazing! The cream is so nourishing and at the end of a long day my favorite reset is a long bath with her amazing scrub.”

- Marisa Yoga

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