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Body Scrubs 

My body scrubs are all organic ,I am using coconut oil,cocoa butter,shea butter and almond oil,olive oil and jojoba oil ,also I am adding essential oils for​ their healing power and their amazing fragrances (mint,lavender,ylang ylanf ,patchouli, ,sweet orange ,cedar wood and more)>I am using salt and coffee for my scrubs because I like the consistency and also salt is a natural preservative. .I am recommending to use the scrub 2 times per week , rub it with your hand or add it to a wash cloth ,I personally prefer to use my hand when scrubbing ,after using the scrub rinse and then pat dry and your skin will be moisturized for the a long time and don't need to apply any thing  else.

4 oz Scrub -15$

2 oz Scrub -10 $

 8 ounces by order only-30 $

Body Creams

My body creams are light and extremely moisturizing ,I am using the same ingredients like in my scrubs and also the same fragrances as in my scrubs.I am recommending to use the cream on a daily base when not using the scrub ,also i 

4 oz Cream -15$

2 oz Cream -10 $

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