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Health and Self-Care

Starts With You!

Healing and Restoring the Skin, Just As Nature Intended

I’ve been working on "Body by Anca "for more than a year. I am proud to say that my business is now ready to be launched! I received my  Medical Doctor (MD) degree in Romania-University of Medicine "Iuliu Hateganu", Cluj , and I have a Masters Degree in Science (MS)  Metabolic Nutrition and Anti-Aging Medicine ,with the University of South Florida.

My skin care products are made with self-care in mind.. I believe that investing in your skin, health, and appearance is a form of self-love that everyone should practice! It’s all about avoiding things that may harm you,, especially when it comes to the products you use.

I am a personal growth and relation adviser. I don't believe in "one size fits all", I see all my clients as unique and individualize my products according to a custom approach to self care. Some innovative all-organic face products are in the works too!

Most people are unaware of the harsh chemicals and additives that can be found in most skin care and beauty products. My mission is to help people heal themselves by going back to nature. I create cosmetics that stay true to my customer’s authentic selves through the power of organic oils and plants.

Who is Anca?

I am a free spirit , a yogi (hot powerful flow class dripping with sweat even if I almost die ) world traveler, fun lover, I am very curious about everything ,I know what I want and I am good with people. .I have the gift of intuition ,  people trust me , I mean most of them do.

Why chose Body by Anca?

Many companies say that they offer all-natural products but have no expertise to support their claims. At " Body by Anca every item is backed by science ,I am making sure everything is organic and there are no preservatives added .

 Here are my qualifications:

  • I received my Medical degree at the University of Medicine " Iuliu Hateganu"Cluj -Romania

  • Master’s Degree in Science in Anti-Aging and Metabolic Nutrition-University of South Florida

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